World class, award winning painting and finishing studio.

Our Team

Our crew has completed projects all over the country in: Arizona • California • Colorado • Florida • Georgia • Iowa • Kansas • Missouri • Nebraska • Ohio and South Dakota.

We pride ourselves on our imaginative and impeccable cutting edge finishes - including the latest European and Venetian Plasters on the market and we strive to bring the craft of faux finishing to the highest level of artistry in the US.


Fe Fi Faux Studio has been featured in world-class publications: Open House • Arizona Home Magazine • From House to Home Magazine • Omaha World Herald • Remodel Omaha • Profiles in Faux Finishing • Street of Dreams Magazine • Symphony Show Homes • Artists in House of Faux International in 2007. and MUCH MORE!

Are you our Client?

We'd call her a total decor enthusiast----she's passionate, imaginative, and she sees design as an expression of her creative spirit. Whether she's wanting a quick room re-design or planning a complete remodel, she loves to be inspired with new ideas and add a unique signature twist to her decor.

Our client has an insatiable curiosity about decorating styles, paint, furniture, music, and all things to help her enjoy her space and reflect her personality.

Have we just described you? If so, we want you as our client----and we're pleased to offer you our special complimentary in-home-consultation.