Sandra (Sass) Lassley

Sass has a passion for creating one of a kind finishes from floors to ceilings and everything in between. She is the lead artist and designer of her Omaha, Ne based company, Fe Fi Faux Studios, Inc., installing decorative paint finishes, faux finishes and plasters in both residential and commercial spaces. Raised in an artistic environment, her father owned a painting and decorating company and her mother was a seamstress who designed her own clothes and ran a custom drapery business. Since 1989, Sandra has been shining brightly with her 25 plus years of knowledge and experience as she works closely with her clients to capture their vision and reflect their personality within her creations. Her passion is her art and craft and she raises the bar with unmatched quality, expertise and attention to detail. Initially receiving her formal training in her early twenties in New York under world renowned... ...Ina Brosseau Marx... Sandra now continues her education, extensively researching and training with the worlds finest masters and studios, recently traveling abroad to study and leave her artistic mark in Italy. Sandra serves as the U.S. National Sales Director for Santambrogio, an Italian furniture company selling online directly from Milan to America. She is a member of IDAL, the International Decorative Artisans League and also attends their yearly conventions across the country. "There will be no shaping or styling of Sass to fit some decorative painting mold" says former teacher Rebecca Parsons. She is an artist who is excitingly of the moment and brings to her clients an edgy fusion of art and creativity with a little 'sass' thrown in. Not surprisingly her clients and other artisans have responded to those qualities in droves and her wall finishes adorn scores of model homes, show homes and parade homes. Her dedication to every project makes her highly sought after among her customers, landing her projects in 12 states and internationally. Sandra has received two Fauxcademy Awards... ...and appeared in numerous newspapers, national magazine articles and radio blog programs. The Fe Fi Faux crew enjoyed working on the popular... ...TV show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, executing Ty Penningtons secret room project. She is a regular contributor to Artisphere Online a publication featuring her column 'Ask Sass'. Sandra has served as a moderator on Talk Faux, an artists forum. As a natural teacher and motivated speaker, she enjoys teaching her sales seminar: 'Sassed To Sell' and devotes time mentoring young new artists into the trade. In her free time - Sandra pursues her love of travel, studying Italian and keeping in touch with many friends. At home she enjoys her family, social networking, her two grandchildren Ace and Madeleine, and an occasional glass of Cabernet.


Jeff Lassley

Jeff is the crew foreman with over 10 years of extensive experience in the building trade making him a perfect fit at Fe Fi Faux Studios, Inc. His knowledge and talents are a welcome addition to the crew! Before partnering with Sandra full time in the decorative painting field, Jeff began in the trades first in roofing later moving on to sheet rock then eventually graduating to framing new homes in northern California. After moving back to Omaha, NE... Jeff started his own business and spent 16 years running an auto graphics and design service. Eventually he was back in the trades with his tool belt on, contracting and remodeling high end homes. As a master woodworker Jeff retrofit woodwork taken from of a 17th century church in France then shipped to America to be used in a private residence. He has designed a myriad of outdoor living spaces, enjoys working with layered crown moldings and creating custom bookcases even building them on an inside curve (rather tricky) fashioned after the famous Wellington Wall Systems. He is often teased that he can spot a quarter inch taping mistake a mile away! His former background lending itself well to the endless skills needed to meticulously complete each project and finding solutions for just about anything that comes up on the job site within the required time frame. His easy going yet professional demeanor makes him popular with the clients. Jeff is a master plaster man, tirelessly and skillfully wielding the trowel and he has the forearms to prove it. Jeff collaborates on each and every project helping dream up fresh ideas, leading to alternative color schemes, interesting design concepts and many times an altogether new technique. In his free time Jeff is an avid outdoorsman; conquering the Rocky Mountains with a snow board, bow hunting for caribou in Canada, or catching a 55 pound King Salmon in Alaska. He also loves reading both American and world history while enjoying his very strong cup of morning cup of java!


Sasha Lassley

Sasha is our project manager. She brings her creativity and organizational skills to Fe Fi Faux, as each project requires attention to countless detail.

Sasha has trained as her mother's apprentice since the age of 8, and has grown up in the field. With her highly trained eye she is always looking for opportunities to bring creativity to the spaces around her. Sasha enjoys working out, freelance modeling, cooking, and playing with her son Ace Jeffry.